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Become a Certified Biotherapeutic DrainageTM practitioner
The Biotherapeutic DrainageTM Practitioner Certification program
Seroyal’s Biotherapeutic DrainageTM Certification program is opened to licensed Health Care Practitioners and consists of 8 drainage courses to be completed over a 4 year period. Upon successful completion of a written examination, practitioners will receive the Biotherapeutic DrainageTM Certification.
Learning objectives

Upon completion of the 119 hours of education, practitioners will learn how to:

  • Stimulate, activate and regulate drainage via the emunctories, and understand the importance of rebalancing the homeostatic systems
  • Implement nature cure and drainage philosophy, and understand their relevance to each individual’s immunity and terrain, with attention to miasms
  • Access the emunctories through deep intracellular and extracellular elimination, without suppression and in a non-invasive manner
  • Understand the role of a variety of drainage therapies including: UNDA Numbered Compounds, Gemmotherapy, Oligo-Elements, Tissue salts, Organotherapy, and GENESTRA BRANDS nutritional products

Practitioners will also have a thorough understanding of:

  • How to build the foundation and framework for treatment regimes addressing the root cause of disease
  • The process and evaluation of disease in relation to Miasm
  • The difference between drainage, detoxification and depuration
  • Why physiology prevails over pathology
  • In depth patient evaluation/assessment techniques for superior and sustained treatment outcomes
  • Practical application of nutritional supplements
Curriculum requirements
The Evolution of Disease
& Biotherapeutic DrainageTM
for Individualized Medicine
Dr. Abell or
Dr. Tondelier
3 day program Mandatory
Introduction to Biotherapeutic
Drainage™ & UNDA Numbered Compounds
Dr. Abell, Dr. Thom 7 Part Teleconference
Series or 2 day program**
Clinical Applications of Gemmotherapy,
Oligo-Elements, Plexes &
Schuessler Salts 7 Part Teleconference Series
Dr. Abell 2 day program Mandatory
Differential Clinical Diagnosis Using
Biotherapeutic DrainageTM
for Optimal Patient Results
Dr. Adams 2 day program Mandatory
MTC 1 Clinical Patient Evaluation:
Miasms, Temperaments, Constitutions
Dr. Abell 2 day program Mandatory
Reclaim the Brain: Assessment & Treatment
of Neuro-Developmental
& Neurological Disorders
Dr. Abell 2 day program Elective
Clinical Applications Addressing
Viruses andPandemics in
the 21ST Century
Dr. Adams 2 day program Elective
MTC 2 Advanced Clinical Application
Of Miasms, Temperaments &
Constitutions (Pre-Requisite MTC1)
Dr. Abell 2 day program Mandatory
Advanced Workshop: Assessment &
Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases
Using Advanced Biotherapeutic
DrainageTM Techniques
Dr. Thom 2 day program Elective
Chronic Degenerative Disease...
The Next Step
Dr. Adams 2 day program Elective
Successful Case Management
of Chronic Disease workshop
Dr. Thom 2 day program Elective

**Choice of either program

Each program may be counted once only.

Hours of education must be completed over 4 years.