What products can be used to facilitate drainage?
Biotherapeutic DrainageTM can be achieved with products which facilitate drainage on the intracellular level. Products made from substances from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms will only have an intra-cellular effect when they are prepared so that they have a vibrational resonance at that level. This means that they must be in a concentration or potentization the same as the interior of the cell. Macro doses of vitamins, minerals and herbs will not act inside the cell, instead they act on tissues and organ systems. Homeopathic remedies in low potency have resonance inside the cell in a way indicated by the Materia Medica. Often a combination of products, all with intracellular resonance, are successfully used together for maximum effect. For example, plants remedies can be combined with mineral remedies in a single product, or they can be separate components of a complex prescription. Mineral remedies can be prescribed singly or in combination in trace amounts or in homeopathic dilutions. Alternatively, they can be prescribed as cell salts, which are usually a combination of two minerals at a concentration found within the cell.
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The conceptual framework of Miasm, Temperament and Constitution can be used in clinical practice to choose the combination of remedies or products to effectively treat the patient at all levels.
What homeopathic remedies are effective for drainage?

Low potency homeopathic remedies

  • in the 3x, 6x, or 4 to 5 CH, or 30K potencies have resonance inside the cell.
  • can promote the excretory functions of organs or organ systems.
  • from plants have a resonance with specific organs.
  • in a combination of plant with mineral remedies will carry the minerals to organs with affinity to the plants.
  • provide biotherapeutic drainageTM by regaining cellular physiological function by providing the key to eliminate its toxins, thereby normalizing organ physiological function.
  • can be alternated or combined for the desired effect.
What minerals are effective for drainage?
Minerals found in living cells given at the concentration found in the cells can facilitate biotherapeutic drainageTM. These include the Trace or Oligo Elements and the Schuessler Tissue or Cell Salts as well as low homeopathic dilutions of the mineral remedies.

Trace or Oligo Elements

  • are given in precisely measured small doses.
    • the mass of only one millionth (10 -6) of a gram
    • called a “gamma”
    • corresponds physiologically to the amount in a cell
  • are usually manufactured in a liquid form.
  • are rapidly absorbed sublingually directly into the bloodstream.
  • are highly bioavailable, reaching the cell in an ionic form.
  • are essential catalysts in enzymatic and metabolic pathways, functioning like a spark plug in a car.
  • aim to re-regulate the metabolism.
  • prepare the terrain of a patient for a more ready and successful response.
  • support and maximize the efficiency of plant medicine prescriptions.
What is the history of the trace elements?

1. Trace elements regulate the enzymatic functions within the cell.

  • Chemical reactions in biological systems depend on biological catalysts called enzymes.
  • Mineral cofactors are needed within the cell at precise concentrations for enzyme reactions to:
    • activate the enzymes and
    • stabilize the enzyme action
  • Trace elements provide these metal ions so that the enzymes running the metabolic pathways can run efficiently.
  • They also affect the shape of an enzyme, fine-tuning its specificity for the molecules it acts on.
  • Some trace elements are also components of vitamins, which in turn are enzyme cofactors. An example is cobalt in Vitamin B12.

2. Giving trace elements remediates deficiencies due to

  • foods grown in depleted soil.
  • decreased bioavailability due to chelation with unassimilable compounds such as
    • phytates
    • oxilates
    • flavinosides
    • anthocyanodies
    • tannins.
  • malabsorption from dysbiosis and intestinal permeability.
  • increased excretion, commonly from drugs or alcohol.
  • an imbalance causing a buildup of one element over anther, resulting in a relative deficiency due to
    • adulterated foods
    • environmental pollutants such as pesticides
    • heavy metals or metals in toxic amounts

3. Trace elements can liberate intracellular toxins when there are cellular metabolic problems.

  • When a toxic metal overload contributes to a functional disease, giving a trace element can displace the toxic metal and liberate it for elimination.
  • This allows for restoration of normal physiologic function.

4. Trace elements are a component of some hormones.

  • For example, iodine is essential in the production of thyroid hormones.
What are the Schuessler (Tissue) Salts?
  • They are known as Tissue Salts, Cell Salts, or Schuessler Salts.
  • They are mineral salts found after removing all organic matter from living tissue.
  • They are given in an assimilable form, in lactose tablets.
  • They are prepared in the sixth decimal homeopathic dilution, labeled either 6X or 6D.
  • They are prescribed according to the symptoms of the patient in order to re-regulate metabolic functions.
  • They have a specific action on the body, either
    • being nutritive or
    • facilitating elimination.
  • They have affinities for specific organ systems and functions.
  • They are dose-dependent, meaning the action varies depending on the number of tablets taken.
  • They are found in twelve combinations the cells of animals, and so there are twelve tissue salts.
  • They include a thirteenth, a combination of all twelve, called “12 Salts” or “Melange,” which is very useful to neutralize toxins in an overly-acidic body.

What is the history of the Schuessler Salts?

Dr. Schuessler, a German homeopath, observed that all diseases are related to a deficiency of mineral salts in the body. He discovered that the symptoms of the disease, or imbalance, vary according to what is lacking. He was impressed when he read:

“The mineral substances which remain in the ash after carbonization of animal tissues are just as essential components as those which are vaporized by carbonization.” – Jacob Maleschott, The Cycle of Life (1856)

He concluded that by giving the deficient salts, the body could regain equilibrium and heal the illness. He thought that the administration of mineral salts in large amounts could destroy the function of healthy cells, therefore the diluted preparations.

Dr. Schuessler developed what became known as the Biochemic System of Medicine. He described it in a book, Twelve Tissue Remedies, published in 1880. Subsequent physicians confirmed the results of his system and these remedies are available today.

  • Calcarea fluorica 12x
  • Calcarea sulfurica 6x
  • Calcarea phosphoricum 6x
  • Ferrum phosphoricum 12x
  • Kalium muriaticum 6x
  • Kalium phosphoricum 6x
  • Kalium sulfuricum 6x
  • Magnesia phosphorica 6x
  • Melange (combination of all 12)
  • Natrium muriaticum 6x
  • Natrium phosphoricum 6x
  • Natrium sulfuricum 6x
  • Silicea 12x
How can plant medicines function for drainage?

Gemmotherapy, sometimes called Phytoembryotherapy is a super-active type of plant medicine. The powerful effect comes from the growth hormones of the fresh germinating parts of plants such as plant buds and young shoots. They have the power of cleansing cells by draining away toxic metabolic waste products such as

  • mucus,
  • broken down metabolites,
  • dead cells from the defense system,
  • auto-immune complexes and
  • antibodies.

Beyond that, Gemmotherapy remedies build up the function of organs and therefore encourage more efficient elimination of toxins.

Since different plants have affinity for particular organs or tissues of the body, the Gemmotherapy medicine selected will support that organ or tissue it has affinity for in regeneration through the plant hormones.

Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that uses the embryological tissues of plants to enhance organ function and facilitate tissue regeneration, encouraging toxin elimination by directing them towards the emunctories. It differs from other forms of phytotherapy as it is inspired by the homeopathic principles of drainage.

- Dr. Tetau, 1987

Since the advent of Gemmotherapy, this super-active herbal medicine, obtained from the embryonic parts of plants and prepared as a homeopathic medicine to the first 1/10 dilution, it remains a biochemical remedy having the most modern and effective drainage properties in modern medicine.

– Dr. Marcus Greaves MD, NMD

Why Plant Buds and Young Shoots?

  1. 1. They contain undifferentiated fast dividing cells which contain the plant’s genetic blueprint and material.
    • Cells of those tissues are less differentiated and can become just about any cell needed in the growth of the plant.
      • Gemmo- refers to the germinating tissue of a plant.
      • Phyto- simply means plant, plus embryo- refers to the embryonic or less differentiated cells which have the potential to create the specialized cells in the rest of the plant.
      • Starting with a fresh embryonic plant distinguishes this branch from traditional plant medicine where extracts and powders are prepared from adult plant leaves, stems, roots, seeds, and flowers, sometimes dried.
    • These embryonic tissues are rich in
      • growth factors
      • plant hormones
        • - Auxins
        • - Gibberellins
        • - Cytokinins
        • - Abscissin
      • enzymes
      • minerals
      • phyto-nutrients.
    • These embryonic tissues are harvested in the spring.
      • Their energetic components are at their highest levels because they are in the most active phase of the growth cycle.
      • Plant maturation to the point of developing chlorophyll loses a lot of these constituents.
    • These plant tissues produce a more active medication, with no need whatsoever to prescribe large doses.
  2. 2. Gemmotherapy integrates with many other medical modalities.
    • The dosages of the Gemmotherapy remedies harmonize with the subtle energetic mechanisms of other therapeutic methods based on dynamic energy such as single remedy homeopathy and acupuncture.
    • Gemmotherapy opens the avenues for better utilization of all other medication, even prescription drugs, because of its cellular effect.
What is the history of Gemmotherapy?

Records of plant buds as medicines date as far back as the ancient Egyptians. In the 1950’s, Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian homeopathic doctor, conducted research on the therapeutic properties of plant buds. In 1970 he published his findings, and attributed the effectiveness to their vital energy and the power of plant buds to re-build tissues. The French homeopathic doctor, Dr. Max Tetau further developed the clinical application of these plant bud remedies in a very significant way. Other French and Belgian doctors and researchers contributed to our understanding today.

The UNDA numbered formulations

The UNDA numbers are a unique combination of homeopathic formulas which were developed for Biotherapeutic DrainageTM. Their formulation is credited to George Discri, Dr. Louis Reuter, and Dr. Anthoine Nebel in Switzerland in the 1920’s and 1930’s. In 1937, Discri published a book in Paris listing the formulas for the 76 UNDA numbers, plus a few other related formulas. The remedies must be manufactured according to Discri’s written notes in order to be effective. They were initially made by a pharmacist, then in 1946 a lab was set up for their production. They are currently made by the UNDA company in Belgium. The UNDA numbers are not formulated strictly according to Materia Medica. They are based on miasm and can significantly modify the terrain, or internal environment of a patient. In addition, they optimize the function of the primary emunctories (liver, kidneys, skin) and secondary emuntories (intestines, urinary bladder, and mucus membranes) UNDAs can channel toxins towards these organs to be eliminated efficiently. They are able to detoxify organs, normalize glandular systems, and manage functional stresses. They work in combination with single remedies by enhancing their action by providing better detoxification.